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Activate McAfee


If you need any help in activating McAfee Security and we are here to help you out as there are some people who face the issue with installation.

So the question is how to install Mcafee by retail card? The retail card is the 25 digits code which you will get when you scratch it which you have purchased from retail store or online. So that 25 digits key is the most important thing here or for the installation.


> Open your computer browser.

> Go to or you can type and Get started with McAfee Security by entering that 25 digits key that we discussed above.

> Just Click Submit Button.

> It will ask you to click Agree & Install in next step.

> Next it going to start the download and you will get the .exe file which you have to run and follow the instructions on your screen.

> It will ask for the Serial just look at the window in the browser where it is mentioned. Copy and paste it to the software installation screen and click on Submit.

> Congratulations! You have got it installed now. Good to go!

Note: – If you’ll still face any issue or error message then feel free to contact us at We are available 24*7 to help you for any McAfee related issues.

McAfee is one of the best security and here you find how to activate McAfee program and get it downloaded from the web. They are most important steps while getting the new McAfee program. Go to Activation of McAfee Security is most important part while getting new McAfee Security from Retail Store or Online. Enjoy the most reliable or trustworthy security in the market. Thank you for reading.

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  1. Roxie Heath says:

    I’m trying to activate my mcafee code and it wont give me a place to enter it.

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